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damned subjects...

why is that once you finally find someone who makes you happy, our entire school automatically assumes you and that person are having sex? it bothers me, and another thing- Why does Tyler Wade somehow always get to know everyones business, even people he doesn't know.. he bugs me, people at our school bug me.. Who cares if Tabatha Wilson and Sammy McFall are together? I don't! I mean, I do, but don't go and spread shit about it.. ugh!
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It's not really that the entire school thinks your having sex as it is the people. Like if you know a person, or in most people's case, think you know a person and know, or think you know, that they are the type to have sex then these people are lead to believe that once they have someone they are attatched to they are even more apt to have sex. Does that make any sense.

It's like when you look at a person. and they seem kind of slutty. It's like "yeah! they get it on every night". Well if you seem them with their "significant other" then you automatically assume that they are having sex.

What does tyler wade know?
And besides, tyler wade knows alot because he knows a lot of people. And a lot of different people means a lot of different facts from a lot of different people. oh well, whatever that boy knows, I know that boy is fiiinneee.

None of that probably made any sense. I'm sorry if it's just like giberish to you but I've been out and about all day.

That's my piece
its ok. Tyler Wade just thinks he might know about Sammy and I... you know what I'm talking about. And, it's rather annoying because he's telling alot of people about it. I don't like my business spread around the entire school.. If I know you and trust you well enough, I'm going to share what happens, but, it's not EVERYONES business, ya know? Tyler is fine, but, he's a prick. He now sees me in the hall and goes, oh- McFall's Girl.. I don't like that labeling, know my name or don't call me at all, get what I am saying? Sam doesn't like people to label me or him either. Anyway.. it's early, gotta finish getting ready for school..
Tabitha??? This is Mandy! :)
Mandy?!?!? OMG- forever plus time, well, 10th grad Freeman's room, since we've had a class together and last semester since we talked.. omg, how are you?
lol College that enough of a summary???