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I actually updated the layout to make it look a little better.

See, for the record I DO give a rats ass..

Have a nice one.
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Can you help me make a layout for my lj? Mine sucks,and I can't even get any of my pictures on there, I've tried but nothing works... can you help me?? I want it to be PiMp tight, kinda like........ NOT ME!!! ha ha ha ha
Umm I certainly can help you. But, I've never really been good at explaining things. But their is several things you can do.

1. figure it out yourself.. like I did.
Go to www.livejournal.com/users/howto

2.I'll set everything up for you. Pretty much give you all the coding and tell you what to do with it where to put it and all that shit.

3. Give me you password... and now you probably like "WTF is she crazy?". But honestly, I'm not insane I won't ruin your life over the internet and if you really don't trust me then just change your password later. But I've done other people's layouts this way NUMEROUS times. and it's a lot easier for me.. and it's less confusing for you.

About the picture thing. What are you talkin about? Uploading like digital pictures to the computer? or just getting them on LJ? Cause' if you want them posted on your LJ you first have to upload them onto an internet server. I suggest www.photobucket.com just set up an account and upload your pictures there. Then after it's uploaded they give you 3 links underneath the picture.. always copy and past the second one. and just paste it in your entry.

if you have any questions. Or want to discuss your layout you can I.M. me on AIM: punktkid7

ok, well, I'll give you my PW later, I like your old layout, the pink stuff, it's cool.. but i like the new one... something with pink, black and purple would be the shit...sorry that you are sick, it must suck... damn that bastard that got you sick to hell! :o)
Just putting color into a layout is easy. It's when you start throwing background pictures into the mixture that hours get taken off your life.

I hate being sick. Seriously, if I find out who got me sick.. they will pay.

well, they should burn in hell! lol.. Ahh, the layout I want is like yours... but pink and black.... give ya my PW l8r!